Wild Ontario Visit

Today, we hd the great experience of getting to see birds of prey, specifically the ones with raptor-like feet: falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles.

The first bird we saw was a kestrel falcon, which is the smallest kind of falcon in North America. Their raptor feet are great for crushing, grabbing, and killing.


The next bird we saw was a broad-wing hall. They travel on hot air thermals when they migrate, which is why they do not travel over the Great Lakes (because there are none). They also have eyesight that can see 8 times the distance and clarity than humans.


After this, we saw a deer falcon, which live in the furthest part of Northern Ontario. They breed in the arctic tundra. They are also one of the most powerful falcons in the world, and can dive at speeds over 200 km/h.


Then we saw an eastern screech owl, which is the third smallest species of owl in Ontario. The one we saw was fully grown and very cute!


The following owl we saw was the great-horned owl. Its ears are not the hair tufts on top of its head, they are actually on the sides of its head. The ears are actually asymmetrical and are very sensitive, being able to distinguish sounds not just left and right, but also up or down.


Last but not least, we saw a turkey vulture. While we saw it, it made grunting noises, which turns out to be the only kind of vocalization turkey vultures can make.


Overall, getting the chance to see the birds of prey at Wild Ontario was an amazing experience, and was a great learning opportunity for all of us.