Racheal’s Work

Week 1 – Wednesday’s Short Assignment (Michael Drebert)

I find the broader aspects of Michael Drebert to be fascinating, the idea of making these on litho stones and not just a paintbrush or marker is so cool. A lot of his work is based around the litho stones and making these text-based works as well as other works that are also thought-provoking. I loved looking at and reading his pieces through his work pdf that he has posted on his website.

These objects work in the world because they are so simple but thought-provoking, like imaging passing that on the street and wondering what mind would have created this piece, I love it. I love how these two pieces alone show the different sides of the artist, what made him want to try to create fire with all the available light, what made him think the other piece would get him to see the Queen. I have attached the works information below so you can also read see how the artist themselves see these pieces when putting together pieces of works.

I find the language in these pieces is slightly different despite them being made by the same artist. The available light one seems more like a threat than anything else, like watch out all over the city because it is going to happen but not sure when or when next to the exact day. The other piece is almost a threat as well but instead of a whole city it is just a person that has really high authority, but it also seems like a vague statement, like I will set out and I will enjoy my time but I will also complete my mission, kind of feel next to a plain threat like the Available Light piece.

The Queen’s Eyes, 2009
Medium: performance
Materials: entrance ticket to Buckingham Palace
Size: dimensions variable
Leaving Victoria, BC, I set out for England to try and look into the Queen of England’s
Work exhibited at the Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC.

Available Light, 2008
Medium: performance
Materials: lithograph posters, fire
Size: dimensions variable
Over 1500 lithographic posters were placed around the city of Vancouver, BC
announcing that I would try to start a fire using only “available light.”
This project was commissioned by Artspeak gallery in Vancouver, BC