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Kathryn’s post Week 1-Artist: George Brecht

George Brecht (1926-2008) was a chemist by trade, but a key member in early conceptual art and important member of Fluxus from 1962-1978. He is credited with being an early influencer in participatory art, mail art and other conceptual art. Much of his art deals with the everyday, the random and sounds (and repurposing sounds as music), taking notice of the everyday and appreciating it.

Quote: “There is perhaps nothing that is not musical. Perhaps there’s no moment in life that’s not musical…All instruments, musical or not, become instruments.”

Example text multiples work:

Event Score-a set of simple instructions to complete tasks

See the source image
See the source image
Solo for Violin, George Brecht, April 25, 1964 at 359 Canal Street, New York City during Flux Fest at Fluxhall

Drip Music

For single or multiple performance. A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.

Drip Music (Drip Event) (1959-62)

First mail art through Contingent Publications: Assembly instructions to “construct” a concert using motor vehicle sounds.

Motor Vehicle Sundown (Event) (1960)