Week 2

Critique of Banners on blog.




Using a mix of found footage (video and or sound) from YouTube or other social media video channels, create an original work of video art that responds to aspects of contemporary video culture, intended for gallery exhibition. Videos may be up to 10 minutes MAX.  

Videos will be made in groups of two (or solo).

PART ONE: Research presentation and discussion

Forage through the internet for the tropes of popular video culture you would like to explore more deeply. We’ll discuss possible options in class, so a pair of students can each present a video genre. The presentation should take up to 10 minutes MAXIMUM including video time.

Prepare a presentation on your blog page – of one or two examples of internet videos.

Give a general description of your videos/video genre they are representative of. Consider these questions and others relevant to your selction:

  • What are some of the key features that define this genre? What are some weird variations on it?
  • What are some of the reasons these kinds of videos are compelling or useful in this historical moment? Use quotes from published sources to back up your arguments and analysis.
  • How do you relate to it?
  • How is it shot, and framed? Where does the material come from? What is the quality of the footage?
  • How is it edited, and does it flow from clip to clip?
  • What does it sound like? How are sound or image manipulated and transformed from original footage?

PART TWO: Show proposed samples/work in progress for discussion

Together with a partner – prepare some samples of footage and approaches for a final piece to discuss with the class.

Consider some of these questions:

How does your video document a historical moment – in internet culture, and in the wider world?

How does what you want to do amplify, deconstruct, or subvert what is already happening on the internet?

How is what you are doing something new?

What is the kind of experience you want to create for viewers/users?

What is the ideal way for the video to be presented?

What are some of the technologies, software, or technical experiments and gimmicks you may need to achieve? Do you want to use avatars? Live stream? Rip music and video from YouTube? Prepare your ambitious technical goals for Nathan, and we can design demos to support your ideas.

PART THREE:  Present your final work for critique – see schedule for details.