Week 2


Critique for Book Stacks on the theme of WEATHER.

All work must be posted on blog.


  1. THE WIND/THE WEATHER/THE WATER: Collaborative book project- see ongoing deadlines in schedule. Students will post works and images on the themes on blog page – throughout the term.
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL ARTIST PRESENTATIONS: Due Wednesday Sept. 28th in class.


Meet in the class – discuss snapshot exercise.

SNAPSHOT EXERCISE Take snapshots of the following things during our arboretum walk:

  1. Round things
  2. A piece of sky – let’s try to capture the whole thing together
  3. WEED NOTICING – see Alana Bartol:https://alanabartol.com/section/514344-Weed%20Notice%21%20%26%20Other%20Acts%20of%20Noticing.html

Walk together to the arboretum to meet Michelle.

All photos may be used in our class book.

HOMEWORK: On Monday next week, you will be discussing this reading in class: How Should Art Reckon with Climate Change https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/25/t-magazine/art-climate-change.html

On Wednesday your ARTIST PRESENTATION is due – maximum time is 10 minutes!