From: Sunrise & Sunset at Praiano combines Lewitt’s minimal formalism with organic imagery. Lewitt presents photographs of the sky taken on the coast of Praiano, Italy over ocean waters. Though the images themselves are unruly in a literal sense—the sky does not adhere to imposed structures of logic—Lewitt integrates them into his familiar systems and organization . There are four images per page, neatly arranged in a square grid, reminiscent of Lewitt’s former publications comprising only lines and other drawn elements. Sol Lewitt, 1980.

Collaborative Artist Book Assignment:

See ongoing deadlines for work in progress, design workshops and final templates on class schedule.

Together with the class we will create the content for, and design and publish an original artist book on the motifs of “The Wind”, “The Weather” and “The Water”.

The artist book for our class will emphasize image over text and be an artwork in its own right. It can be any length or size available on under a budget of $30.

Throughout the term we will be collecting images from class exercises, field trips, assignments and research. You can also capture new images and spontaneous moments related to the themes. Post high resolution images on your blog pages, and prepare to share them, and potentially have them used in spreads along with other images in our final book.

In class we will participate in a book publishing workshop, and see a collection of artist books, in addition to the works of other artists on the theme.