Shawna Dempsey and Lori Milan, Lesbian Parks and Services



DURATION: 5-10 MINUTES (presentations will be strictly timed)

Present the work of a contemporary artist working with environmental themes and materials.

You must present images and/or video to illustrate the work of the artist. Describe three  of the artist’s works in detail (or ONE major project), from past works to more recent projects.

Discuss the themes, ideas, and media at play in the works, and the artist’s unique methods of producing and presenting artworks. Select works that specifically deal with themes from nature and the environment, weather/climate, or other relevant topics.

All of the works should be presented as a concise post on the course blog. Use images and embedded videos as needed. You may cut and paste descriptive segments, but this must be indicated and sources should be linked/credited.

Presentations will be evaluated for:

 Evidence of intensive research, depth of engagement

Understanding of ideas, artistic strategies and external contexts at play in the work

  Readability of images/texts/video as posted

  Comprehensibility and flow of oral presentation

Artists (will be assigned in class):

Future Farmers

Shawna Dempsey and Lori Milan

Jae Rhim Lee

Jason Logan/Make Ink

Nina Katchadourian

Tim Knowles

Ron Benner

Mark Dion

Mary Mattingly

Andrea Zittel

Terrence Houle and Trevor Freeman

Ursula Johnson

Jenny Kendler

Lindsay Dobbin