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David Horvitz’s 2016 poster installation, “Proposals for Clocks,” utilizes text in an interesting way. The five different posters each propose a different idea of measuring time with unorthodox clocks. For example, one of the proposals is a clock whose minutes are measured by the lengths of ones breaths. The texts in their entirety are similar to riddles, they aren’t immediately understood but take time to think about; the reality of them unlikely. The bold, block, uppercase letters, read as if they are an important advertisement or declaring an urgent matter. The colours, each different, but are also all the same in the sense that they could all be classified as ‘blue’. This work, similar to his others, includes the theme of measurement. I chose this work because aesthetically, I thoroughly enjoy it, from the placement of the pictures, and the placement of the words, to the chosen colour palette. More so, I enjoy envisioning the peculiar ideas/methods of measuring time, particularly the logistics of how something so precise as time could be measured by something as unpredictable as a cat’s shadow, or the wind, etc.


Week Two: Text Based Artist Multiples

I knew right away I wanted to use fabric as my base of the multiple, initially I wanted to use masks but then I was not sure what to do for my text so instead I decided on t—shirts and crew necks.

I have a huge interest and love for fashion but also am super aware of the damaging practises and impact on our planet that the fashion industry has. To raise awareness about this I had the idea of printing a QR code onto the back of the shirts I have that is linked to an info page on slow-fashion, the negative aspects of fast fashion, and how one can participate in making eco-friendly fashion choices. On the front of the shirts I wanted to print a simple phrase that wasn’t super obvious as to what it meant. The phrase I currently have in mind is ”This Is A Good Shirt”.


Instead of my original idea, I decided to print random, mundane statements onto satin handkerchiefs. I thought about what kind of text I wanted to do first and I thought out of context statements that bring me joy when thinking about them would be a cool idea, also one that maybe others could relate to. I know I did not want to print them on just paper and post them somewhere but instead on something people could potentially carry around on them.

The idea of handkerchiefs came to me because I thought it was a little ironic. Other than for aesthetic or fashion purposes (on a suit) I usually would associate the small square of fabric with negative scenarios, such as being given to someone who is crying, etc. That is why I chose to change that narrative and put small statements that when thought about bring me, and perhaps others, a sense of happiness.

Week Three: Parent Video Proposal

My parents are divorced and have been since I was one, so I had a few ideas as to what I wanted to do for this project. First I had the idea of having a set of interview questions and asking both my mother and father the same questions and having the footage shown side by side. I thought it would be interesting to see their differences or similarities on certain topics pertaining to my childhood, their relationship, and raising my sister and I.

Another idea I had was to recreate photos of both my father and mother but I wanted to make them videos. In a sense impersonate them and speak, act, etc. as if they might have in that very moment the photo was being taken.

Week 7: Popular Video Presentation

The popular video trend I chose to present is an interview style video where different pairings (in this case parents and their children) are video taped asking each other uncomfortable questions. The questions are random and unknown to the players before hand, they then have the choice to answer or take a shot. I first came across the series on the social media platform SnapChat, and since have seen their videos across all social media platforms. As well as the original channel making these videos, people who have seen them have made their own versions on their own channels across Instagram to TikTok. I think its relatable to our generation because it is a very intimate conversation, different relationship dynamics are seen, however it is available for anyone, anywhere to see; which is essentially what anyone who decides to share anything on social media, is doing.

Popular Video Assignment:

For this assignment I chose to use found video footage from the category of “clothing hauls”, a popular internet video trend. I also used footage from clothing ads, short documentaries, as well as fashion show videos. I wanted to make a sort of montage-styled video that juxtaposes the negative side of the fashion industry with all the ways in which these negative aspects appear to be unaware in the minds of so many. For me the video evokes feelings of chaos, guilt, at some points humour, it is uneasy and that was my intent. To provoke some thought, not to push any agenda or make anyone feel attacked, as I myself feed into the industry of fast fashion.

Here is my video on Vimeo, if the above youtube video still does not work

Tattoo Assignment:

For this exercise I really wanted to play with the idea of cosmetic tattoos and the wider acceptance they seem to generally have opposed to traditional tattoos. Although I believe there are less stereotypes and taboo beliefs on tattoos today, there is still hesitance around them by some. I have a few of my own tattoos and I know how much some of my family members, especially my religious and more conservative ones, dislike the fact I have any at all. Amongst some of these family members who do not approve, there are a couple who have tattoos themselves, however they are cosmetic tattoos. I hold no judgement to anyone who wants to make changes to their physical appearance because everyone should have the right to do with their bodies what they wish, I just found the fact that people do not hold cosmetic tattooing to the same scrutiny as other forms of tattooing, quite ironic. Most cosmetic tattooing prescribes to typical North American beauty standards, (ie. covering up skin blemishes, camouflaging stretch marks, creating precise, even eyebrows, permanent makeup etc.) and it is great that such procedures exist to build confidence for those who are conscious about certain parts of their appearances. However, these cosmetic tattoos are still permanently depositing ink into your skin with needles, the same any other tattoo works. For my temporary tattoos I wanted to take one of the most common cosmetic tattoos, that I’m aware of, which is micro-blading eyebrows and do the opposite. Thus, I made temporary unibrow tattoos. Although no one actually put any on during our class time, which I can understand because it is directly on the face, so that is completely fair, I still want to experiment more with this concept. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone brought to tattoo and the different concepts, it was a really unique and fun exercise, below I have just shared some of other people’s tattoos I documented from our last day and some fun ones I did on myself.

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  1. Hi Jaz, I see your Parents video proposal, but not the description of this final video – however I do like your voice over and the simplicity of reenacting the old photo – and reflecting on being an angel in white. I’m a bit distracted by the black and white old video filter – it’s a bit too easy – and sort of wish for a little more complexity in the accounting of her angelic status – maybe a bit hallmark-ish? It seems more like a tribute video – than something that shows the fraught nature, of relationships of people – even – that we really love! But thanks for working on this so thoughtfully. We’d be happy to see more of your work during class time, and hear more from you in discussions. Do take advantage of Nathan’s help to finish things to a professional level, and stick with the artist references to find more strategies for working conceptually – good work!

  2. Hi Jaz,
    I’ll send you an email too – but for this term there should be the Internet video presentation, the Internet Video final and prep work/notes, and also the tattoo piece and notes. I can see your clothing haul video materials, but am unable to see your finished video – the link has been removed for copyright infringement. One must be careful to use a minimal amount of found footage, very short clips, and avoid using much commercial music – as discussed in class. We missed you at the end of the term as you were absent for several classes, it was hard to know what was up. I will have to grade this as only about half finished this term – do let me know ASAP – Monday- if there is more for me to see – as I must submit my final grades on Tuesday. See courselink -Diane

  3. Hi Jaz, I can see why the BBC blocked the video first time around – it does seem like the appropriated clips are long, and there is a sense it is around 3 documentaries haphazardly spliced together – at different lengths, speeds and at randomized intervals. Not sure about the silent bits, and the helium voiced parts… why and what they add to the idea – that high fashion has high costs for labourers, which is pretty literal in the way it is presented here. I wish I got to see the work in progress and respond during class time – but I understand it was a difficult time. The file is large and hard to watch through as well. I also don’t see any evidence of your own tattoo work with the unibrows (and idea that could be considered offensive if contextualized insensitively) – too bad we all missed an opportunity to explore the idea together… All the best to you I hope you feel better soon.

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