Week #1: Book stacks

Process of my work

I relied heavily on Nina Katchadourian’s work as inspiration for my stacks. I found the narratives very entertaining and extremely creative, how she could convey and paint portraits of the libraries the books belonged. She enabled clever and I wanted to create short narratives in my work as well.

The number of books I was working with was very limited. Neither my roommates nor I brought enough of a collection to our student house that we would deem it a library, but I worked with the given resources.

It was, at first, difficult to separate the titles and view them not as books as a whole to reinvent them and utilize them for a different narrative purpose. The stacks I created do not explicitly convey me or the owners of the borrowed books, but rather interesting and somewhat ominous and distant narratives giving the viewer space to convey the meaning how they choose. By grouping like titles or meanings, I began to form the stacks below.

In the middle… (2021)
Fuel for fire (2021)
Life experiencing the human (2021)

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