wear your heart on your sleeve

By Sierra Dejesus-Joyner

Buttons inspired by the phrase, to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve. Choose from 6 colours of heart and follow the simple instruction on the button sheet: “to be worn on your sleeve”.

I semi-arbitrarily made the buttons 7 cm in diameter because I didn’t know the size of the school button machine, so they might have to be reformatted for actual use.

I’m a Wolf (all the Korean I know, Part 2)

Part 2!

Book: 나는 늑대예요 (I’m a Wolf) by 이현 & 박재현 (Ee Hyeon & Pak Jae-Hyeon)

“Translation” by Sierra Dejesus-Joyner

This isn’t the main piece if just one has to be picked for marking (the official piece will be the video), but I worked really hard on this too and it’s pretty funny, so I wanted to share it, even if it doesn’t count toward the project. I read and translated a Korean children’s book in the same manner as the song posted previously. Just what I know. No dictionary. Please enjoy the nonsense.

Friends (all the Korean I know)

A K-pop lyric video… with a twist.

Song: 친구 (Friends) by 방탄소년단 (BTS)

“Translation” & video by Sierra Dejesus-Joyner

Translated by reading the official Korean lyrics and using only what I understand as a relative beginner of the language (no dictionary) to translate what I could of the song. I encourage people to go find an actual lyric video on YouTube if interested, because this is actually a really beautiful song about friendship and very meaningful to me. I previously knew what the “official” translation was, but ignored what I knew for the purpose of my authentic “translation” here hahaha. Enjoy.