Classlist: A tapestry of Colour (Sample)

The tapestry pictured is composed of the colour representation of names of persons in our class [Experimental Studio Winter 2020]. Many people tend to associate particular colours with letters of the alphabet and I used a colour/alphabet key based on these associations to create tapestry/mosaic squares from the first and last names of people in our class. In the centre of each square is our root/essence- our family/last names which are then framed by the colours of our first/given names. The names depicted in this sample belong to our instructor Diane Borsato, as well as , Victoria abballe, Isabella De Tullio and, Grace Bilger, respectively.

Spector F, Maurer D. The colors of the alphabet: naturally-biased associations between shape and color. J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform. 2011;37(2):484–495. doi:10.1037/a0021437

Chawntay Barrett.

Dated Dialect.

Exploring Words used in Caribbean Creole that are seemingly frozen in time. These words were prevalently used during the colonial era around the world. While they are no longer used in their places of origin they are still prevalent in the Caribbean islands.

Chawntay Barrett