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For my kilometer, I decided to draw an eye while walking 1km. I kept my pen on the paper while walking and only stopped drawing when looking to cross the streets. I decided to draw an eye as I generally enjoy such and thought it would be a fun way to make time feel as if it was moving faster. The second photo you see is of an app tracking the kilometer that I walked. However, it does show that I walked over 1km, but I made sure to stop drawing at the destination I set from my house to a nearby Starbucks in the area, which is around 1km exactly. Hope to see you all next class!


For my still for 1 hour, I decided to sit on my bed while having youtube in my background as a way to make it feel that time is going faster. One thing that I struggled with is my eyes would move a lot in the duration, though I found it interesting and it made me think how Marina did such for months as I noted my muscles were easily sore and tired from just sitting for an hour and how she must have been exhausted and hungry, or even tempted to stretch. I feel that this assignment was a great opportunity to consider the amount of energy the artist used. It was also very hard to sit completely still as there were times I felt the need to yawn or scratch an itch on my face. I have uploaded a shortened version of my timelapse. You can see a lot of movement from my eyes and lips as the minutes go by.


For this week, I decided to use my camera bag to throw around in my backyard. I couldn’t throw it out of any windows as all the windows have coverings, however I threw my camera bag as high as I could. The reason I chose the camera bag was that often, I carried around both my backpack and camera bag back in Toronto during high school. Due to the heaviness of a camera, a total of 3 lenses, and textbooks, I would understandably receive sore shoulders and back. I wanted to give the feeling of relief of taking the bag off and chucking it away after a long day. I also plan to be taking my camera soon for a 3-day event and it made me remember back in high school, lugging it around. I most likely will feel like tossing this bag in exhaustion during this event, but it probably won’t be as bad considering that I will only be taking 1 lens and my camera.

P.S. No cameras or lenses were harmed in the making of this.

Week 7

For this week, I centered my assignment around unsolicited dick pics where some buttons were more harsh and blunt and others in a way, making a joke out of it to combat the issue. I have had personal issues with such and wanted to make buttons which said unsolicited photos are never okay and you should listen when someone says no and that they don’t want to see that. In my first photo, I show the first few buttons I made and felt that the text wasn’t showing up very well and decided to go with a censored rooster more than the text buttons.

Week 9

For my audio assignment, I decided to re-create the sounds and stops of Toronto’s Line 2 subway as I am from Toronto. Since I do not have songs that work in some sections of the subway, I listen to the announcer and usually mock or imitate the next station in my thoughts to stay occupied until I have enough signal to continue listening to my music. I recorded myself announcing the next stops and arrivals while inputting sounds that were available for our class.

Week 11

For this week’s assignment, I decided to make a grid consisting of different kinds of patterns found on Lolita outfits.  is a subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and styles from the Rococo period. A very distinctive property of Lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness and have many subcultures, such as gothic, hime (princess), punk, wa (based on traditional Chinese and Japanese dress), and many more. I also decided to make the patterns go from light to dark and slightly colour coordinated. I chose to focus on Lolita patterns since I have been curious on how many different patterns could be used and always enjoyed browsing through different outfits, as well as seeing people wear them in downtown Toronto.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Work

  1. Hi Elizabeth, a few weeks of works are missing here – the Face exercise, and the Pandemic Videos – do post those ASAP. And try to push yourself out of your comfort zones of your apartment, to do more research and work engaged with others and a wider world. You can do it! Push yourself to participate more in class too so we can discuss and help improve your projects, and use the available equipment and editing tools and keep boosting the technical production quality of your works, to show your ideas in the best scale and light!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I wish it was an easier term for you to participate more in Experimental – without showing things in progress and participating in critiques it’s hard to find ways to improve and develop the work – conceptually and technically. I’m glad however – that you were able to complete the buttons, the audio piece and the conceptual portrait. I wish things could be longer, expressed with a clearer intention and concept – and in the case of the Lolita fabrics multiplied somehow by a hundred – and showing the Lolita dimension in all it’s extreme mania… Anyway, I hope you will give Experimental another try in level 2! All the best, Diane

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