Week 7

Summary of work for week 7:

  1. Go through this week’s lecture materials, watch the videos, read the descriptions, and LISTEN to the audio in each of the works. Follow up to see more about any of the artists you are intrigued by.
  2. Write notes about 3 of the works, see questions for reflection below.
  3. Post a proposal for a 1 minute audio work to discuss in class next week. Post your proposal idea with any accompanying research/notes. Be ready to discuss on Tuesday. See full assignment details below.

Watch and listen to the works here:

Audio Art Examples


Select a total of THREE works from the Audio lecture, each by different artists, to describe and discuss in your notes. What were the conceptual prompts for each piece? How are these audio pieces different from conventional music, or scoring of films? How did the artists perform and resolve these ideas in the works? What are some of the strategies they used to maintain interest in listening to the works – how did the works use repetition and change over time? What is the effect of listening to the piece on you?


Post a PROPOSAL for a work of conceptual audio art. Include notes, research and references for your proposal. We will discuss your proposals and ideas for how to record, edit and complete them in next week’s class huddle.

See assignment details below for ideas and parameters.


RECOMMENDED LENGTH: Approximately one minute.

Final works will be posted on the blog.


Students will create an audio art piece between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length. While the conceptual parameters for this project are open, consider some of the themes and strategies of the artists listened to in class.

Some strategies may include:

You may assign yourself (or others) a conceptual feat, and perform it, or document it in sound.

You may combine different layers of sounds reflecting places, times, popular music, and voices.

You may interpret or translate non-audio experiences or spaces in sound.

You may re-interpret noise or other found sound as music.

You may perform a list, or other kinds of interesting found or constructed language.

You may distort or edit found sound or music, to change its original meaning and effect.

Consider audio works by some of the following artists AND REFERENCE ONE OF THESE ARTISTS IN YOUR PROPOSAL/PROJECT DESCRIPTION:

Dave Dyment

Santiago Sierra

Yoko Ono

Daniel Olson

Laurel Woodcock

Matthew Sawyer

Jonathan Monk

Christian Marclay

Kelly Mark

Ann Hamilton

John Cage

Janet Cardiff

Steve Reinke

Emeka Ogboh

Students will post their works with a title and short description on our class Blog.

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