Week 4

Summary of work for Week 4:

  1. Actively explore and think about the work of Adad Hannah
  2. Make a self-portrait or portrait of someone else in the style of Social Distancing Portraits. Post and describe your 1 minute video.
  1. Explore the website and look at the past work of Adad Hannah:

Adad Hannah was born in New York in 1971, spent his childhood in Israel and England, and moved to Vancouver in the early 1980’s. He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

From An Arrangement, Stripes

Focus on these works, and consider his conceptual approach to his videos. Think about the simple concept he begins with, and the prompts and rules he gives to his performers. Consider how when very action happens, all kinds of surprises and meaning happen.

Handheld Case Study:


Burghers of Vancouver:


The Screen:https: //adadhannah.com/2013-the-screen

VIDEOS from Traces:


Look at his most recent project on Instagram – he is collecting portraits of citizens of Vancouver living, working, shopping, protesting, teaching, studying and more – during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

An ongoing collection of works that speak to the historical moment – made in the past, or made today.

Adad Hannah: Social Distancing Portraits 2020:

Visit this link to see the videos in the ongoing collection:

Stills from Adad Hannah: Social Distancing Portraits 2020:

Read the article about the project from the Vancouver Sun:


MAKE and post on blog:

You are going to make your own 1-minute version of a Social Distancing Portrait – based on the work of Adad Hannah (see link above).

You can make a self-portrait – or a portrait of someone you know, or of someone you don’t know. Strictly follow all public health guidelines during the pandemic at all times – and when you make your work.

Consider Adad Hannah’s examples, look at many of the videos from the past 6 months. What are the kinds of people he observes? How are they different from one another? How do the portraits change over time? How do the portraits witness important moments of the pandemic? What new insights or meaning does he bring with these videos – especially with so many of them?

Also consider the rules he uses to create the videos – in terms of framing, composition, and the prompts he gives his performers. Can you tell his concepts and forumulae for making these pieces? Use his rules – as far as you can deduce them.

We will be making videos with ambient sound – and not adding music to the videos. They will be unedited – just cut at the start and at the end to form an eternal loop. The will be approximately 1 minute long.

Adad Hannah has given his blessing to students in Experimental to appropriate his methods and make versions of his Social Distancing portraits. He wants to see the best ones – keep it real – and try to make them follow in the spirit of his concept for the series.

Post your 1 minute, one-shot video on the blog – and include a quote from your model (or self) the way Adad does. Include a description of your video, with references to Adad Hannah’s project, reflecting on some of the questions above in BOLD.

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