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Ariana: Just Keep Breathing

Singing is a beautiful ability that many people have. One of my favourite singers is Ariana Grande. I’ve listened to her so much and am so familiar with the way she sings that I can anticipate the breaths that she will take while listening to any of her songs. Breath control is very important when it comes to pushing out strong vocals and many people forget that. I wanted to put a spotlight on the breaths of Ariana by cutting out all the music and lyrics out of her songs and only leaving the strongest breaths of each. I used the songs ‘Raindrops’, ‘Breathin’, ‘POV’, ‘Ghostin’, ‘Side to side’, ‘Problem’, ‘Focus’, ‘Everytime’ and ‘No tears left to cry’. In their entirety, these songs together would ask for 25 minutes of listening. However, I can give you expressions of all these songs in only 55 seconds.

A Fishes Kilometer

I have a betta fish named Smirnoff. I’ve always had a soft spot for pet fish because I wanted to give them a better life than sitting in a small plastic jar in a pet store. As soon as I saw the pure white and blood red colours on this little guy I had to scoop him up and name him after a brand of vodka. When I bought this tank I really thought he was living the best life with all this space to himself. Though I couldn’t help but wonder how much space he really had and if he could walk out of this tank, how far could his water take him.

Now how does one figure out the relationship between distance and water? Maybe I’m the only one crazy enough to ask, but this is how I attempted to figure it out.

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Me walking 1Km while spilling water and getting weird looks from bystanders.

I filled up several water bottles and found a location exactly 1km away from Smirnoffs home. As I walked to that location I let the water pour out of the water bottle at a steady rate, replacing it with another when the one i was using ran out. Once I reached the location 1km away I had a measurement of the amount of water I poured out in the process. I then followed the trail of water that I had created home.

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1KM Water trail

After calculating the amount of water that I poured out I discovered that I used 3.5L of water in the process, which is the exact amount of water in the tank that I have Smirnoff in. Therefore, Smirnoff lives in 1 kilometers worth of water.

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Smirnoff the fish in 1km of water

Sol LeWitt

ARTIST ROOMS: Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #1136, 2004 | National Galleries of  Scotland

The concept of the idea of an artwork being a machine is shown in LeWitts work through his instructions for these wall drawings being the head of the body of creation. He has created a system of providing those who install the work with the guide, taking away the need for those whose hands are a part of the installation of the work. The hand of the artist is not present, all that is present from the artist is the initial idea. Much like forming a document on a computer and printing it. You didn’t physically create the document, the printer did, but the printer is not the artist, you are.

2 thoughts on “Romario’s Work

  1. W1:
    Good notes on Sol Lewitt, Yoko Ono, Nauman , shows evidence of curiosity and engagement with material.
    Kilometre image and description – Good thinking and use of your pet, and some (perhaps questionable? ) math to map and document a KM precisely – I love the photographs because of their ambitguity, and how they tell all manner of possible stories, but also how you found a surprising way to express distance, using volume, and domestic things at hand.

    Oh no, Romario, where are the rest of your works and notes? Let me know if they are hiding somewhere – please add them to your page and let me know ASAP. It’s so fun having you in the class and getting to know you a bit, I hope you can work it out to complete the work!

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