A Piece of the Dream

I’ve based my artist multiple off of a concept I hope to bring to fruition in the future. I want to create a gallery space where people can walk through and feel as if they’re completely immersed in an ethereal dream. This would be done using lighting, video and more. It would be an experience that could only be fully understood by going to the gallery or museum.

In the video (see link), I’m shining a light through the piece and onto the ceiling to get the dream-like effect around my room. Theoretically, the visuals seen here are only a minor fraction compared to the experience of “The dream”.

I created the multiple for those who have gone through the dream and want to continue the experience in their own way, while also making the experience more accessible for those who are unable to go through the dream themselves. It would be made out of some of the materials used in the dream and would be sold at the gift shop or online.


One thought on “A Piece of the Dream

  1. Hi Maddy, I like the idea of a multiple that is used for projection, and used to project a certain feeling or experience… this is the beginning of an idea – how would you finish it? what would it look like? would you wear it around your neck, or as a pin, or would it live in your pocket for emergencies? And why opalescent and trippy? Is this what dreams really look like? lots of questions to think about if you develop this work further… thanks for giving it a shot – and I hope you will take ES again and keep working with these ideas!

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