Portrait of a Tree

Lately, I’ve found my thoughts to be absorbed by the idea of life process, transformation, and aging. Regardless of how my image changes I hope to hang on to the unique traits that make me, me.

I found these pieces of wood that have been heavily processed to the point where they look nothing like their original form. Using a wood burner I found the slight remaining wood grain pattern on the pieces and made it visible again.

My hope for this piece is to show that throughout process and transformations we still stay the same in some ways.

Madeline Over

One thought on “Portrait of a Tree

  1. I really like the original materials you worked with – these sun-bleached pieces of wood- they were really interesting in their own right-
    I’m not sure the wood burning really brought out what was interesting in the first place about the material (sun bleaching, or how they are the same but different) – though I see you wanted to bring out the grain with wood burning. I associate this with crafty projects – think of fire and wood and smells – but not really getting a feeling of how human bodies change, or stay the same. Are you trying to restore the “woodiness” of the manufactured material? Maybe that would be a better way to describe the effects – and how far can you go – why not make them into rough pieces of tree somehow and work on the shape too – etc… always good to take things to an end – especially simple ideas – need some extreme dimension to have tension and interest.
    So great having you in the class Maddy! I have really enjoyed your enthusiastic and articulate contributions to the group, I hope I’ll have you in Experimental again!
    Best of luck with your wonderfully developing art and life practices!

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