Just the Essentials

Before leaving the house, everyone checks to make sure they have the essentials; phone, wallet, and keys. The brand of phone, case accessories, style and size of wallet, and what we keep on our key chain, each reflect our individuality. In a series of photographs, I created a portrait of my family at our dinner table, in our typical seating arrangement. Although its all the same three items arranged the same way, its obvious just how personalized and unique they, and subsequently we, are.

One thought on “Just the Essentials

  1. Hi Veronica,
    I like this idea of the essentials – these objects are practically part of our bodies.
    – Also good how you documented each individually, and as a group around the table, as subs for the body
    – Good too that you arranged everything in an identical composition – reducing variables, like a scientist
    – good work and a pleasure having you in my class, I think you have progressed in your conceptual thinking a lot!

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