Around the Block

This work is comprised of a wooden block that has been carefully painted an opaque flat white. I carried the block for three days. With my day to day activities, the block documents the day with its wear and stain.

I followed the two following rules:

  1. The block can not be put in a pocket, bag, or container

2. The block must be carried or place down within arm reach

This work was completed the three days before I began self-isolating due to the covid-19 virus. I now look at the work and remember the routine that I had before. The block came to my work, the gym, the painting studio, the grocery store, and restaurants.

One thought on “Around the Block

  1. -this is such a successful concept – especially the care you took in making the block by hand, and perfectly tidy and clean to start.
    -glad to see this scientific style documentation
    -only wish it could have gone on for weeks, months, years! a simple piece like this needs some excess – some extreme dimension to give it interest and tension
    – it reminds me to wash my hands! especially curious in this context!
    – my son Felix, who is looking at the works with me says: “it’s great, I like it, it’s like a block of evidence”
    – I have loved having you in my class Laurie! I hope I’ll see you again in Experimental, you really get this way of thinking!

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