Good Morning! What Can I Get For You?

These are the routine breakfasts of 45 seniors who live and have lived at the retirement home where I work. Almost exclusively enjoyed at home, breakfast is the most personal meal. It tells a lot about a person, way beyond their likes and dislikes. Through routine morning interactions, I have committed all of these orders to memory, and have written them down, once again like clockwork, for my portraits of these elderly residents. I am able to bring their meals, no longer needing to ask for their orders. By doing this I know that all of these lovely people feel seen, known, and understood. It is this understanding that compelled me to create these portraits in this manner.

Isabella De Tullio

(please click on the link as if you scroll through the photos straight from the blog, not all of them load, and their intended order is lost)

One thought on “Good Morning! What Can I Get For You?

  1. Wonderful to see this! I hope you make it into a proper book, it’s a touching series of portraits through breakfast, and in your simple handmade text and drawings – each unique – it’s totally charming and evocative not just of what people eat, but of an intimate and thoughtful relationship you have with them – and the scope of it – the number of breakfasts is impressive and makes your commitment visible – to the project, and to the people you are feeding. A great interpretation of this project Isabelle! I can’t wait to have you in Experimental again!

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