Friends (all the Korean I know)

A K-pop lyric video… with a twist.

Song: 친구 (Friends) by 방탄소년단 (BTS)

“Translation” & video by Sierra Dejesus-Joyner

Translated by reading the official Korean lyrics and using only what I understand as a relative beginner of the language (no dictionary) to translate what I could of the song. I encourage people to go find an actual lyric video on YouTube if interested, because this is actually a really beautiful song about friendship and very meaningful to me. I previously knew what the “official” translation was, but ignored what I knew for the purpose of my authentic “translation” here hahaha. Enjoy.

One thought on “Friends (all the Korean I know)

  1. This is great Sierra! And of course all your notes and preparation (thanks for sending) counts, I’m happy to see your investment in the process. There are so many possibilities here too – for PERFORMANCE – to see the disjunction perhaps between the speaker and ethnicity – or other surprises, like a quiet person performing a pop song… You can do it! And it’s also like experimental writing – a whole new thing from the original source. Lovely and thoughtful work – I’m so glad you applied your own knowledge and passions – can’t wait to have you in my class again!

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