Awful, but defiant C Major

In a protest against my sister telling me not to play her instruments, I snuck into her room before she came home and played her ukulele. I don’t know how to play the instrument and it sounds down-right awful, but I’d like to think my nervous, clunky, and time sensitive strumming eventually became a C Major.

By: Grace Bilger

One thought on “Awful, but defiant C Major

  1. – great mischievous idea, stolen instrument, not able to play it!
    – love the progression through the work, the scale gives it a structure and narrative, as you slowly achieve more and more
    – waiting with tension and anticipation for you to get it, and it’s like a victory when you do!
    – like a work of experimental music
    – lovely idea and resolution with larger meaning, like a stolen song…

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