Audio Art Examples

Emeka Ogboh:

Song of the Germans

Janet Cardiff:

Lost in the Memory Palace:

40 Part Motet:

Alter Banhof (Video) walk:

Christian Marclay:


The Clock:

Guitar Drag:

Kelly Mark:


Marla Hlady:

Basement Base:

Dot-matrix Sympthony, The User

The artist creates scores to be interpreted (played) by old technologies – Dot Matrix printers:

Synth Loops, Christian Bok

The artist uses techniques and references from experimental writing and performances of sound-based texts:

Daniel Olson, Thumbrolley

The artist manipulates toy musical instruments:

Piss Record, Matthew Sawyer

The artist documents (and embellishes)  his morning pissing:

Pipes in “C”, Anna Ripmeester

This artist had a noisy pipe in her apartment and noticed it was a tone in the key of C. She decided to jam with it – in the key of C:

Jonathan Monk, My Mother Cleaning My Father’s Piano

The artist finds a found composition at his parent’s house:

One Minute Apology, Laurel Woodcock

Artist is using a record to re-mix a song, with a persistent and unrelenting message:

A Day in the Life (24 hour version), Dave Dyment

The artist slows down the Beatles Song “A Day in the Life” to literally last a full day: 

Brian Joseph Davis, Voice Over

The artist explores and re-performs voice-overs in a relentless disconnected  list that makes them all sound totally intense and absurd:

I’m Practicing My Cartoon Voices, Steve Reinke

student-aaron mora onamatapeia

Listen to these student interpretations of the assignment below: 

Lee Walton: From a project where the artist compiles the middle C note sound (and video image)  from everyone’s piano. Even though it’s the same note – the C’s are amazingly diverse: 


UBU WEB: Listen to several examples of pieces, and see if you can determine the ideas that may have prompted the works.

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