Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman was born in 1965 in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. He now lives and works in Massachusetts, USA.
Friedman’s approach to understanding the world and its logic has long been expressed through the laborious, painstakingly precise and unexpected methods that he uses. His work is often autobiographical, recreating random elements from his own life and surroundings. To create these sculptures and objects he uses everyday materials including styrofoam, paint, paper, card, clay, wire, plastic, hair and fuzz. He pays obsessive attention to detail in each work, particularly in the replication of personal characteristics.


untitled-signature-full-shot untitled-signature-detail

Untitled 1990 The artist writes his signature repeatedly for the life of a pen


Untitled 1996 Cardboard box corners


Untitled 1990 Bubblegum


Tom Friedman Untitled 1995 Toothpicks


Untitled 1990 A partially used bar of soap inlaid with a spiral of pubic hair



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