Ed Ruscha

Edward Ruscha (American, b.1937) was born in Nebraska and moved to Los Angeles in 1956 to study at the Chouinard Art Institute, intending to become a commercial artist. Quickly recognized in the 1960s as an important representative of the thriving Pop Art movement and a successor of the Beat Generation for his collages and text-based pieces, Ruscha’s work was exhibited at the Ferus, Leo Castelli, and Gagosian Galleries.

Ed Ruscha talking about his photo books.


Twentysix Gasoline Stations
1963, 3rd edition 1969

Twentysix Gasoline Stations, a modest publication consisting of black and white photographs with captions, is an iconic artist book. The photographs are of petrol stations, along the highway between Ruscha’s home in Los Angeles and his parent’s house in Oklahoma City.


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Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass, 1968




Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966




Real Estate Opportunities, 1970

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