Tehching Hsieh

Starting from the late 70s, Hsieh made five One Year Performances and a thirteen year plan, inside and outside his studio in New York City. Using long durations, making art and life simultaneous, Hsieh achieved one of the most radical approaches in contemporary art. The first four One Year Performances made Hsieh a regular name in the art scene in New York; the last two pieces, intentionally retreating from the art world, set a tone of sustained invisibility. Since the Millenium, released from the restriction of not showing his works during a thirteen year period, Hsieh has exhibited work in North and South America, Asia and Europe.


One Year Performance, 1978-1979



One Year Performance 1980-1981

(Video in link, first 1min 30 seconds gives a succinct explanation of the piece)




Art / Life One Year Performance 1983 – 1984


Tehching Hsieh 1986-1999



Sourced from Teching Hsieh’s Website

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