Euan Macdonald

LA-based artist Euan Macdonald has a multi-disciplinary practice that includes drawing, video, sculpture and installation. Through these disparate media, he focuses attention on the ordinary, attenuating the viewer’s gaze on everyday subjects, and asking people to question and reconsider the very objects and occurrences they take for granted.



The Start of a Gauntlet of Beings, 2013
Collaboration with Kevin Hanley
Wood, lights, phosphorescent paint

The project originates from observation of the light that passes through the given space of exhibition, and from the form of a boat out of local history. In the exhibition space, the gallery floor suggests an expanse of water on which a sculpture with the likeness of a boat has been created. Defined by ambient and artificial light, the sculpture itself, varnished in a phosphorescent compound, becomes luminous in darkness. Illuminated then reciprocating light in darkness, the installation is articulated to the viewer in two distinct ways.


Temporary LED high-rise architectural lighting installed on a low-rise hutong bulding
Arrow Factory, Beijing

Taking a cue from the abundant LED lights that line the skyscrapers, office buildings and highway underpasses throughout Chinese cities, Macdonald has chosen to illuminate the space atop Arrow Factory with gleaming blue lights that radiate upwards into the sky. With this, an isolated and insignificant corner of the city is mysteriously accentuated and embellished. Macdonald’s gesture — transplanting the visual language of glitzy, brightly colored lights that adorn contemporary architecture onto the low-rise neighborhood of Jianchang Hutong — might appear resoundingly formal but is imbued with the artist’s continuing interst in inventing, capturing, and recreating the enigmatic and inexplicable phenomena of our lives.



The Tower, 2004
A full-scale replica of the top 25 feet of the CN Tower, Toronto
Temporary public sculpture. Wood, steel, scenic materials


House (everythinghappensatonce), 1999 (excerpt)
TRT: 19:54 Color Sound
Single Channel Video Projection

“This time frame transcends the direct experience of the event, and so the artist allows it to be purely intuited … The intuition ends up approaching the idea of an unpredictable, potentially infinite duration.” (Verzotti, Giorgio, “Mysterioso: The Oneiric Work of Euan Macdonald,” euan macdonald (everythinghappensatonce), Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, Nurenberg, Germany, 2005)


Sourced from Euan MacDonald’s Website

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